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My name is Antoine Janot

I'm a 35 years old artist living in Paris. I paint and create short-movies of fiction, as well as books, installations and photography.


After graduating as an audiovisual technician in 2010, I deepened my cinematic studies with a masters degree in Cinema at the University of La Sorbonne. I co-produced an independent documentary (The Sleep of the Crowd, 2013) and directed several experimental short films, including Electrical Bodies (2019), The Fog People (2016), which has been selected in various festivals around the world and won the Best experimental film at the Bucharest Short Film Festival, as well as Lullaby for 17 Skyscrapers, 192 Buildings and 13,851 Inhabitants (2016), which has been broadcasted on french television. I am currently working on my first fiction feature film, La Marche funèbre, a social drama produced by Les Valseurs.

My versatile practice combines photography, painting and writing. My photographic series include The house with no address, which portrays homeless people’s attempt to create a sense of privacy in public spaces, and The Colors of Time, presenting abstract compositions that appeared on tombstones over time. My most recent series, Without colors, presents the daily struggle of people living with albinism in West Africa. My photographic work has been exhibited in various art centers around Europe and America, such as the Modern Art Museum in Erevan (Armenia), the Strasbourg Convention Center (France), the CROUS gallery (Paris), or the White Night Festival (Minneapolis).




My wife

During the last mission of NOW in Senegal

I published an essay, Has cinema gone silent? (l’Harmattan, 2014), and various novels such as Le croque-neige (l’Harmattan, 2017), which has been nominated for the french prize Le prix littéraire de la Vocation in 2018, and Le Goûteur (Abatos, 2016). I also wrote two poetry anthologies, Outdoor & indoor poetry (Maïa, 2020) and Short Stories (Les  impliqués, 2017) which was awarded by the French Poet and Artistic Society (SPAF) of Bourgogne in 2020.


In the last three years, I have also co-founded two NGOs: Les Hôtels Solidaires which distributes food and sanitary products to the needy, and was awarded Paris’ town hall’s Social Economy prize in 2019, as well as the international NGO NOW which aims to empower oppressed minorities around the world. 

I've been painting since I'm a child, mostly working with watercolor and mixing pigments with whatever I found. Even if I began with an abstract approach, I deepen figurative figures during the last few years.

I participated in several collective exhibition, such as "Departure" at the gallery of La Reine Blanche (Paris) in 2019, "What's What" in 2017 and "The Shouting Thoughts" at the gallery La passerelle (Paris) in 2018. In 2021, I made a personal exhibition about COVID at the gallery L'Angle in Paris, and since then I have presented my work at The French Alliance of Seoul and CICA Museum of Contemporary Art (Korea), I participated to a group show at the gallery Akié Arichi in Paris, but also to a duo show at the gallery OpenArt Exchange in Rotterdam which represents me in the Netherlands.

In 2023, I won the public prize for my installation The Mirror House for the 17th edition of Horizons Arts-Nature. The sculpture on site uses a technic with mirror mosaic that reflects the breathtaking landscape of Les Vosges . I was also selected in 2022 to create ten sculptures for the Aquarium House (Jaligny- sur-Besbre) that are still exhibited today. I have two more installation's projects this year, one odered by the city of Bourg-en-Bresse and the other one for the event Vign'Art 2024.

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